Hubbingtons Furniture Shipping & Delivery

At Hubbingtons our whole philosophy is to provide quality USA made furniture at the best prices. We continue with that philosophy by offering you numerous delivery options to best fit your needs and save you money where possible.  (Don't forget, we only offer delivery to the New England states.)

Best Deal—Pick Up In New Hampshire

  • No additional delivery charges.
  • No Sales tax collected (There is no sales tax in New Hampshire!).
  • Inexpensive moving pads available for purchase.  (Made in the USA only $15 each.)

  Please remember if picking up, that all furniture will be completely unwrapped for your inspection and you will need blankets and other supplies to help you secure and protect your furniture for the trip home.

Have Us Deliver It On Our Truck


Local Delivery Area within Map $89

  For those of you lucky enough to be in this loop this is a great deal! This delivery is for an unlimited number of pieces. It also includes standard assembly and easily accessible inside delivery. Delivery will be offered to you when we are in your area on a Thursday or Saturday with a 3 hour window.  This is for all regular and sale priced furniture.  Clearance only items delivery for $119 in the same loop.

Delivery outside our local loop

 We know many of you would still like to see our truck for delivery regardless of where you are in New England. We can do this cost effectively, if we do it with a smaller van and we send just a driver out…you provide the 2nd person to help him. This is for areas within New England only. This can also be an option for those inside our normal loop with special time or date delivery requests that don’t fit into our normal delivery loop times. Ask for a quote on this option.

 All deliveries outside of NH require us to collect the sales tax applied in your state.

Independent Delivery

PackShip USA

  Depending on your distance from the store and your delivery requirements this is an option some customers will want to consider. In this option your furniture is picked up from the builder and delivered to you by PACKSHIP-USA. We’ve done business with them for years and they have a nice home delivery service. You have an option of “Curbside Delivery” or “Inside Delivery & Set up”. The cost of these options vary and we would typically quote this for you. You should plan for an approximate cost range of 10%-22% depending on where you live, type of furniture and choice of inside or curbside delivery.

  Although the Independent Delivery option is the most costly and can still be the best choice for some, as when you use this option we do not have to collect salestax for your state since we are not making the delivery.