FAQ’s: the Answers to Your Questions

Why buy from Hubbingtons?

Most people look for a good combination of price and service when buying almost anything.  We offer great quality American furniture with everyday good prices that don’t require negotiations or waiting for sales or coupons.  If one of our builders offers us a “special deal” we will post it on our site and encourage you to order and take advantage of it.

We have been in business for 20 years and own our store location in Barrington.  You can investigate on line and then stop in and “touch and feel” pieces from the builders you fell in love with on your smartphone!

If you have a problem you can see before you order that we have a physical location and we are not just a web address and phone number of someone 3000 miles away.  It can be much more comforting buying from a business you can reach in a few hours by car from you house.

Why do we limit our business to New England?

We’re a bit of “control freaks” and we like to be sure you receive exactly what you wanted….when you wanted it.  Keeping business to New England allows us to make many of the deliveries with our own truck and employees and we’re still close enough to check up on deliveries made by PACKSHIP-USA.

Why can’t you confirm more exact dates?

So many things go into building custom furniture.  Working with small builders and blanket wrap delivery companies leave lots of spots for delays and errors….so it is impossible to give you an exact date until we actually get the furniture.  We find it better to promise you approximate delivery times based on receipt of recent orders from the builder you have chosen.  Most orders fall into the approximate times we promise you.  A few every year go longer due to shipping damage to us or ordering errors.  We deal with those few situations individually and the odds are with you that will not happen to you!

Why can’t I have my delivery exactly when I want it?

Well, you actually can, but you wouldn’t want to hear what we would have to charge for that service. Regardless of the delivery option you chose, we must make logical delivery loops on days chosen by us to keep the cost of the delivery to a reasonable amount.  All of our delivery options will give you a day of delivery and a time window (3 hours if on a Hubbingtons Delivery Truck) for your convenience.