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About Us

About Hubbingtons

A lot’s happened since 1994…

Hubbingtons was born in 1994. Back in the early 90’s my wife and I thought about opening up a furniture store. Our goal was to sell only better quality furniture in a relaxed setting. Some of you ‘older people’ will remember that that was the time you called an 800# to try to shop for a better deal on furniture. We thought if we could offer similar prices to those distant retailers, then people would be willing to drive to touch/feel and buy from someone in New England.

Of course Southern New Hampshire offers an easy drive for Southern Maine and also the Boston Area and we don’t charge sales tax in New Hampshire! So we bought a nice wooded lot on a major road (Rt 125) and built the first of many sections of our current building. We spent our weekends painting and planting and in September 1994 Hubbingtons Furniture opened! We initially could only afford to fill half the store and we discouraged customers from going upstairs as there was mostly open space.

The Hitchcock Furniture Company came to our rescue and let us have lots of furniture on a ‘free loaner program’ which I suspect was just what we needed to start a foundation for the success we enjoy today. Although Hitchcock is now out of business, we were for many years the largest independent dealer of Hitchcock Furniture in the world (Gosh, I love to say that!). Anyway, if you look at the photos, we put on an addition in the late 90’s and then built a big one story barn in 2001. A couple of years ago we put a second floor on the barn for storage which now puts us over 20,000 sq ft of showroom space.

As many furniture stores and manufacturers close, Hubbingtons continues to succeed with the right mix of quality USA made product and prices that are below all of our competitors in New England. I encourage you to stop in our store or start your furniture education right here on our website with the various links to our manufacturers. You only find furniture that you are proud to own, and why buy anything else? Thanks for coming to visit.

Peter Rhoades

Peter Rhoades, President

Who is Mr. Hubbington?

The name was just made up! My wife and I actually registered the name years before the business started in 1994. Now with the help of consumers and retailers, HUBBINGTONS, means better quality furniture, at a very aggressive selling price.