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  • About Hubbingtons A lotís happened since 1994Ö Hubbingtons was born in 1994. Back in the early 90ís my wife...
  • There are lots of options to get furniture to most of New England!  (If you are outside New England,...
  • Hubbingtons in Barrington is our original location and all furniture is delivered there and if you are picking up a purchase from either store it will be at Barrington for pick up.
    The Barrington store is 2 miles north of the Lee Traffic Circle on Calef Highway/Rt 125.
    Hubbingtons Furniture Hours
    1048 Calef Highway (Rt 125)  
    Barrington, NH 03825  
    Phone: (603) 664-2212
    OPEN Tuesday thru Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm (Closed Sunday & Mondays)

    Please arrive by 5pm if doing a pickup so we can get you and us out by 5:30!

    Get Directions to Hubbingtons
    Hubbingtons in North Hampton is our new store located at the historic Drake Farm (formerly Drake Farm Books). We are right across from the North Road. Be aware that Google directions on our location may not be correct and be sure when following the address that you realize it is North Hampton (not Hampton). The Drake Farm store is in a soon to be registered historic structure so the building is almost as much fun to see as our furniture.
    Hubbingtons Furniture Hours
    148 Lafayette Road 
    North Hampton, NH 03862 
    Phone: (603) 379-8989

    OPEN Tuesday thru Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm & Sunday 1-5pm (Closed Mondays)

  • How to Buy Quality American Furniture at Hubbingtons It is confusing to buy good furniture on-line! We hope our approach...