Better furniture for better prices.

How to Buy

How to Buy Quality American Furniture at Hubbingtons

It is confusing to buy good furniture on-line! We hope our approach is a bit more personal and helps to assure you get just what you want when you want it….for the price you want.

Do You Live In New England?

We have the easiest shipping/delivery systems within New England and encourage most of our orders from New England. Don’t despair if you are not from New England…we still may be able to help you purchase from us or maybe from a competitor! Let us know your address and what you are looking at. We can see if there is a way to help you from Hubbingtons, but if not we can give you an idea of what is a competitive price on that item so you can go shopping.

Do Some Shopping

  1. Look through our site —Find what you like and request a price or any other details you need on it
  2. Send us a photo of something you saw someplace else. —You might find something you like while physically out shopping or on another site. Send us a photo with any info you have on it and we can let you know if we have the exact same item or something similar.

Helping You Decide

Between emails and calls we’ll help you clarify what you want. This may mean sending you fabric or wood samples or checking with builders to get more detailed answers to your questions. At this point you may find it helpful to make a visit to our store. With so many options we think this approach is more likely to help you get just what you want.

Time To Buy

Once you decide we got what you want we’ll write up your order and ask you for a 50% deposit and email you a copy of your order. We will discuss delivery options as some of those decisions need to be made while placing your order. You’ll be given an estimated delivery time with your order.

When Your Order Is Ready

  1. Pick up or Delivery from Hubbingtons The product will arrive here in Barrington, NH and be inspected if you chose one of these two options. We’ll call you so you can choose how to proceed.
  2. Independent Delivery This option would need to have been chosen at the time of order. If you did, then we will contact you when the order is ready to ship from the builder. Payment in full is required before release and then we will contact PACKSHIP-USA to have them pick your order up. They will contact you and give you further details on the delivery process.

How Long Will This Whole Process Take?

Once you place an order with us you will be advised of an approximate delivery date. Because we are dealing in custom built furniture, things do take time and if something gets damaged….things can take more time! If your order looks like it will meet the approximate delivery times promised, then you will not hear from us until it arrives or is ready for PACKSHIP-USA pick up. As we reach the end of your promise times we watch orders very closely and notify customers if we are going to exceed promised times and obviously let you know the reason why. It is rare for order to take considerably longer than promised but it does happen to a few orders every year. If that happens to be you, we will work with you to make that delay have the minimum inconvenience to you….and thank you in advance for your patience!