Better furniture for better prices.

What Makes Hubbingtons Different

    We’re Not like Everyone Else!

    We’ve been selling only quality furniture for 24 years in Southern New Hampshire and make our first online sale about 20 years ago.  Our values are simply and transparent.  We aim to get you quality USA furniture with easy low prices.  We do this by:
    1.)  Listing all the builder’s names with stock numbers.  Looking at all the other sellers on line.  You’ll even see the same images as we use…but they’ll have different names.  In some cases some sites will even give you the impression the furniture is actually made by them.  They don’t want you to price shop!
    2.)  We concentrate our efforts mostly on New England as many of you can pick up in New Hampshire and save shipping costs and of course no sales tax in New Hampshire.  We even sell moving pads to help you on pick up.
    3.)  We have two actual stores in New Hampshire that you can visit to be sure you are ordering exactly what you want.  We OWN our buildings so everyone knows we are in this for the long term.
    4.)  OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST!  Send us the photo of what you are looking at and we can probably identify the builder ….and tell you our price.
    5.)  We have an educated sales staff that have all made visits to Amish workshops and are very informed on furniture styles and wood and stain choices.  We encourage you to educate yourself online and then make the trip to visit us to place your order.  Much more fun then sending your money to someone you don’t know far, far away!